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Established since 2004 150+ Employees 100% Confidentiality Assured Superior Customer Experience
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iFlair is 14+ year Old, Website + PHP Open source Experts company!! We have about Half a million man hour experience in Web Design+ PHP Open Source Technologies. We have 14+ Years industry skilled employees in our core team.

We have 4000+ Sq Ft, Excellent Development Area with State of Art Infrastructure. We take pride in building appropriate Carrier plans at All levels in our Development Center.

We truly believe that positive reinforcement is the key to develop Human Resources.

Openings at iFlair

  • Junior Programmer (Expectations: Programming Flair)
  • Sr. Programmer (Expectations: Code is Poetry, High Level Programming, Client Communication with Flowing UI)
  • Team Leader (Expectations: Delivery as per Clients Expectations, Customer Service, Resource Management)

Organizational Development Activities

  • We make employee’s carrier plans with highly structured, formal uplift mechanisms
  • We strive for betterment of both employee and organization
  • We have ongoing selection of right candidate, identifying trainings, performance appraisals and career planning of employees
  • We are known for Best in class customer services. And we expect you to stand taller for same
  • We make every effort to improve, performance and motivation levels of employees with the twin personal and organizational growth goal
  • Having fun is an integral part of job, and iFlair has its share of parties, picnics, celebrations, treks, and general fun and games
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Steve Rushton CEO of Net Effect / Exeter - United Kingdom
10 Euro/Hour, 3000+ projects Delivered, 100+ Employees, Established since 2004