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WordPress & Core PHP





Key Features

  • Centralize Database Management
  • Custom Properties Management
  • Tour Operator Properties integration
  • Cruise Operator Properties Integration
  • Inquiry Management
  • Client Quotation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Holiday package printing
  • TV advertisement
  • Security

Late Card

  • Offers iFrame & custom layout design that renders the
    Holiday offers
  • Provide Bespoke & standard Cross site Integration
  • Latecard API feeds [XML/JSON] can be styled &
    integrated in website
  • Marketing email
    • User can select no. of Holiday packages and based on that automatic emails are created and one URL is generated with the predefined content
    • From the short code user can use directly in the mailchimp and can import the whole email templates for further utilization

We have developed web marketing solutions for Net Effect which target Travel Businesses. As Development Agency
with Net-Effect we have developed 170+ travel websites and managing 50,000+ properties and 10,00,000
cruise details
which help travel agents to grow their business and seize future opportunities and
increase their brand identity. Our experts have developed centralize property database
which can be easily used by agent websites without any hindrance.

Every product designed and developed by us for Net-effect provide best and easy solution along with latest
technologies integration and deeply analyzed websites secure solution, and that become online
platform for businesses to triumph of more clients and grow their business.

Trip Quote

Agents can create quotations for their clients and then can communicate on the site which can be send as an email.
Synchronize email and online communication. Customize PDF offer quote based on customer request

Key Features

  • Centralize Database Management
    • Synchronize thousands of properties in centralize database
    • Auto Cron trigger for retrieval and synchronize properties feeds by every week interval time
    • Monitor Server Level query time which 30,000- 40,000 records
    • Provide performance driven solution by database indexing and query optimization
  • Tour Operator Properties integration
    • Developed integrated solution where different travel operator properties automatically imported to central database system
    • Share Property feeds over all agent website according to assigned operator from central network
  • Cruise Operator Properties Integration
    • Created auto trigger cron job scheduler that exports data from choosing cruising API feeds & store cruise information in centralize database like Operators, Ships, Cruise, Ports, Port type, Itinerary, etc.
    • Google Map Integration with Cruise Properties
  • TV advertisement
    • Generate Agent specific TV URL
    • Holiday offers details display using sliding
  • Client Quote
    • Generate customize inquiry base quote in PDF format which includes inquiry and Holiday package offer details
  • Custom Properties Management
    • Retrieval of Holiday Property List
    • Bespoke management of Holiday Packages
    • Agent have choice to select feature offers on Homepage
  • Security
    • Ensure safety and security of websites by utilizing the latest security techniques
    • Folder Structure ( Move WordPress core files and folder from root directory )
    • Change File permission
  • Holiday package printing
    • Holiday package details will be generated in PDF format
    • Page size selection – A4, A5,auto fit
    • Formatting options – style, font, color & Image
    • Print Preview & Settings
  • Inquiry Management
    • Notify through email for a new inquiry
    • Export inquiry list in CSV format
  • Social Media Integration
    • Schedule Holiday offers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

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