• Good day Jinal. I wanted to take the time to write a note of gratitude to you and your firm, iFlair.As you know, we have worked together on Radyx's coaching platform for over four years now, and I am 100% satisfied with the services you and your firm have provided us.

    Buddy Fichera

    CEO at Radyx, LLC,Austin, Texas

  • We have been working with iFlair for over 5 years now. At the beginning the process of "recharging credit" was a bit strange for us. But right after the first day of development we got a very good job. In the meantime, we have implemented over 5 major projects with over 10,000 euros with iFlair. Never with problems. We can only highly recommend the work and look forward to continuing good cooperation.

    Nino Boender


  • We were looking for a long-term development partner and we found it with iFlair. iFlair has an excellent customer service and has experienced knowledge in several technologies. They were always able to solve new challenges during the development stages. With Shivani we also have a great dedicated project manager who understands our vision and transfer it fast and perfectly to its development team. Definitely happy to count iFlair with his great team to our long-term partner which always meets our expectations.

    Farid Houas

    CEO - Switzerland

  • Very competent team, faster, kindly person. My personal project manager is Gaurang and Business development is Vicky. My site it was customization very perfect with iflair team. Good price for that work recommended.

    Simone Bernazzi


  • Very good service and correct delivery of the requested product/website.

    Jonathan Van Meerbeeck


  • We were looking for a good web designer in Germany for a long time. Which we couldn't find. And those we spoke to expected enormous amounts. So we started to look outside Germany and found iFlair. The experience we maid with iFlair is really great. They really offer what they promise. The site they made is exactly what we have expected and their team reacted quickly and effectively on all proposals and changes. And all of it was done for 3rd of the price which we would have to pay in Germany.

    Kimmy Nguyen

    Aachen - Germany

  • Very good party to do business with. They helped me out twice and with great success! Thanks iFlair for your work!

    Victor Angelier

    Owner, Sweden

  • We are implementing different websites for our clients. Therefor we need a partner with resources and expertise in using different content management systems. We found all of our requirements in iFlair . What i like most is that we have a personal project manager.

    Martin Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber

    MD, Austria

  • We know iFlair team for a while, always professional approach to development, ready to help on all phases of projects, Ill recommend them any day

    Hugo Perez

    Owner, Italy

  • Great company very thrustwordy. We are in the middle of a development of an ERP package for our newly started breakdown company. Until now we are very pleased with the way it’s going, what is offered is done, at the correct price. They make a team when you start with a good project leader that is your single point of contact. They developed the application as we want it with mobile applications included. The complete package is being written within 6 months. This at his own is a remarkable thing. I love working with them, as you get a good price, and a reliable partner. If you ask the question will you work with them again, my answer is shortly yes, but I would raise the bar because they have knowledge of the most recent possibilities

    Jurgen Smet

    Director - ICTS group - Belgium

  • Iflair helped our company to setup a new webpage. Cooperation was very professional and on time. All expections in the project were fully met by iflair.

    Michael Piber

    Managing Director, Germany

  • I'm quite satisfied with the work the guys at iFlair have been doing for us. We have not had the easiest projects and they still managed to get through quite well. I suppose it takes longer than it would have if you would do the development in house, but that also means more cost and employees. Overal quite satisfied and hope we can keep doing more projects in the future.

    Tim Matser

    Co-Founder, Netherlands

  • So far our work with iflair has been exemplary. They manage to keep deadlines, dokument and keep multiple projects going.

    Frank Jorgensen

    IT Manager, Denmark

  • I've worked with these guys on a few projects over the last few months and I've been really impressed, they seem to be efficient and professional. Particularly enjoy working with Hemang, he often goes above and beyond to help me, even at unsociable hours. I can't fault the service I get from Hemang at all.

    Carly Ann Taylor


  • iFlair took my ideas and turned them into a fully-functioning Learning Management System that I can use with my training clients and seminar participants. iFlair gave me an in-house project manager, Karishma, who has been my main point of contact. Her team was able to deal with every stylistic or functional request that I had. It really feels like they are an extended part of my own team, which, for a small business like mine, is really valuable! They are great value for money, and I would recommend them to anybody who is looking to develop a website, online platforms, or other web-based solutions.

    Paul Talbot

    Lecturer & Consultant - Vienna, Austria

  • I was a bit sceptic at first working with developers and programmers from India cause of the language barrièr. I don't know a lot of PhP and other programming stuff so I thought it would be difficult explaining how I want my website. At IFlair they are professionals and very patiënt. They understood, work really well and do as you please. I would recommend them to everyone.

    Said el Hassnaoui

    Veenendaal, Netherlands

  • I have used iFlair for a number of websites and custom developments. Their professionalism and communication has been a real pleasure to work with throughout all of my projects.

    A.J. Fichera

    Austin, Texas

  • We found IFlair website's on internet and start working with them to develop our platform, the first thing I would like to highlight is the best team they have and the close relationship they create with the client.

    Amina Achab

    Panama - Central America

  • I am a designer, I needed help to set up a new website in Shopify, a new selling platform for me. Together with the IFlair team, I could speed up the learning, finding out how everything works. In the end I want to be able to make adjustments myself. As I am growing in my businesses, I want to work together in future on emailmarketing strategies etc… Thank you so much for your excellent assistance! My website www.woody-ellen.com is now running smooth.

    Ellen Cornelis


  • I have worked with iFlair for over two years on a variety of website and software projects. Jinal Shah and his iFlair team are highly responsive to my needs. Projects are consistently delivered within tight timeframes and at very competitive prices.

    Christopher Di Lascia

    Pharm.D., Gachuurt, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  • For various special Magento Extensions I needed the help of iFlair. From the first contact to the finished product everything went fine and very professional! The problem was immediately recognized and the course of the project went extremely reliable. I highly recommend working with iFlair.

    Christoph Claus

    Reichshof - Germany

  • I think you have done a very good work. And you have developed the modules I asked you timely and on budget. I searched for Iflair because we were actually behind schedule in the development of our site and they plainly solved our problems. I definitely will work again with them.

    Claudio Tubertini


  • iFlair has impressed me time and time again with their thoroughness and professionalism. It is common for outsourced technical projects to be rushed through and then forgotten about, but this is not the case whatsoever with iFlair.

    Dylan Fox

    United States

  • We have been working with iFlair since 2008 and have found them to be technically very competent and very reliable. It is a pleasure working with the firm. We have no hesitation in recommending iFlair.

    Frederick Habbe


  • iFlair was instrumental in building the first version of INeedAPencil.com in 2006 and 2007. Working with Jinal and his team was a pleasure and a very positive business experience.



  • We have been working with iFlair for nearly two years now and have been very impressed with their professionalism and with the quality of their work. We have had them develop a very complex student management system with many changes and improvements along the way and have asked them to develop two other websites for us since then. Without ever having met them face to face we have been able to work as closely with them as we would our neighbor.

    Jim Treloar

    Woodstock, New York

  • The entire team at iflair.com are top notch. I have used their services for two independent websites, and I am extremely pleased with both websites. They were very creative and came up with websites that were not only visually pleasing, but extremely user friendly. They were patient with any concerns that I had throughout the process, and made any changes that were needed promptly and professionally. I will certainly use them again in the future, and would highly recommend their services to anyone.

    Dr. John Minardi

    Oakville - Canada

  • Please do pass on my gratitude and appreciation on to your exceptional team, I work with on a day to day basis and to the design team that worked so hard on my projects. They have done an outstanding job in following my instructions and suggesting designs that far exceeded what I had imagined. I could not have done this project without you and your team. Everyone has been patient and worked hard to make the project fit within my timeline and budget.

    Leeann Trang

    San Francisco

  • iFlair exceeded my expectations. Really outstanding service - in all the essential ways: communication, punctuality, reliability, explanations and availability. They are really professional, yet also very personable. I will definitely be using them again.

    Melody Beentjes


  • All my projects at IFlair are executed with great satisfaction. The teams are behaving really professional and the work they are delivering is simply stunning. After many years of searching I've finally found a proper web development company with a no nonsense attitude! The workers are very creative and actively helping me to enhance my projects. I truly believe that this is one of the core powers of this organization. They are always thinking along with the customer and providing the right guidance during projects. This organization encompasses a broad set of specialized skills. Therefore they are able to offer end-to end support for all my projects. IFlair is a very reliable supplier that delivers qualitative products! A top class organization.

    Robert Roos

    CEO IT Crowdsource, Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • We at Afrevo are excited to be associated with Iflair, we consider them partners. There are numerous reasons we would recommend Iflair, some of which include but not limited to, their skill - they are pretty good, their understanding of what you have in mind, their payment schedule, their project management strategies, and their customer service. Really for us, the most interesting thing is that we can work together from long distance and still achieve excellent results. We would recommend Iflair any day.

    Okocha Uchechukwu

    Lagos , Nigeria

  • Thank you very much for the good service! It was pleasant working with you. You really understood how I wanted my website to be like. Because the website is exactly how I had it in mind. And whenever there was something that we needed to discuss.. like feedback on the website or any other changes that had to be done. I had contact with Jigisha, Vicky, Hemang over skype and that really helped me understand things better. It was also great that whenever we didn't understand each other we could share our screens. That was definitely a great thing. And the communication is fast even with the time difference. I would recommend your company to other people if they want to have great results and good service. Overall it was a good set to work with your company! I'm very happy with my website.

    Yakeena Ramsahai

    Ibiza, Spain

  • We're a website design firm, so our primary focus is on the design and service aspects of our business. It has been great to have iFlair in our back pocket for development and Flash work. While we try to do the development on our own that we can, having the staffing and expertise of iFlair available for our needs takes our entire business up a notch. I can't wait to have another client needing Flash work so we can show our client what we (ok, iFlair) can do.

    Shawn H


  • Our online store needed re-configuring after a new server and platform change. We had used iFlair in the past and found their work excellent. We decided to call on them again to restore our online store to working order. In our opinion they went above and beyond our expectations and got to work without any fuss. They kept us updated daily and got the job finished in minimal time. We found their rates to be excellent and I can only say that their level of professionalism and expertises are top notch. I highly recommend them.

    Damien Butler


  • iFLAIR was highly responsive, collaborative, and professional. They did a good job of understanding the project.The iFLAIR team is adaptable, helpful, and generous with their time.The team was accommodating in providing updates and answering questions, and kept their promises in terms of timeline and budget.

    Gaurav Gokhru

    Mumbai - India

  • I am an experienced web marketeer and in my role as a marketing consultant have overseen the construction of hundreds of sites on behalf of my clients and dealt with a great many web developers in the UK. However when it came to building my own portfolio of sites I needed to keep costs down, but still required first class quality. I came across iflair and with some trepidation (me being in the UK and iflair based in India)I briefed them on my project.

    Kent Laws

    Norfolk, United Kingdom

  • It’s a great experience working together with Iflair. The quality of work that Iflair deliver is outstanding and exceeds my expectations. The employe’s are friendly hard workers that truly listen to the wishes of the customer. It’s a first class recommendation.

    Sonny Geerts


  • Working with Iflair on my project was an excellent choice. The team has handled all topics professionally. They clearly dedicated themselves to the project. When I didn't know any more, I trusted their expertise. The team has understood what to do and has therefore been able to anticipate my needs. What I appreciate most: their customer-centric culture, their commitment and not to forget their expertise.

    Stephane Batassi Imoma



    Thomas Edward Fry


  • A very professional team. They help you make your project a success.

    Kike Baro


  • We have been working with iFlair for almost a year now, on two different projects. Both projects are for the same WooCommerce webshop (Wordpress) and consisted of multiple facets. iFlair has done a great job on speed improvement, functionality and layout. The projects are carried out in a professional manner and the communication is outstanding. We have been working with multiple partners in the past, but in the IT business communication always seems to be an issue. With iFlair you don’t have to worry about this, their communication is excellent. They want to make sure they understand you correctly and keep you updated very well. One minor downside is the delay and unpredictability of some project facets. It sometimes takes quite a bit more effort than anticipated. But this is not necessarily their fault, but more the nature of our site’s coding (as manually done by previous coders). So although this can be a bit unpleasant, it is not their fault and they definitely try to clear things up and keep us updated well. They are really thinking with us on this, trying to get the best result within the budget. We can conclude with a recommendation. If you are looking for a company with knowledge and want them to communicate well with you, choose iFlair. You’ll get your own project team so you are always in contact with people working on the project itself. We'll keep working with them for sure.

    Tobias van Krieken

    E-commerce Manager,Netherlands

  • iFlair provides knowledgeable website developers and great service.They are very responsive with questions and changes to website as its being developed. This is the second website I have developed with them. I recommend to anyone looking for a website developer.

    antonelle di Lascia


  • I've been working with iFlair since 5 months to rank an online gaming website on top search results. The team is very professional and reactive to any query. Special thanks to Vishal & Team that are always doing their best efforts to accomplish the requested goals.

    David Galvis


  • Good work in all aspects. And very good reporting system about the project hours.

    Heikki Rehakka

    Managing Director,Finland

  • Auf die ist immer wieder verlass. Top Service!

    Nico Hilario


  • I started working with iFlair at a time when the workload in my company was high. The iFlair web development team has always been precise and punctual and has provided excellent timely and quality support!

    Angelo Bonorino

    Founder at Icemedia Srl,Italy

  • Often using IFlair Services for online projects. Very kind and very relevent and quick support for different needs. I truly recommand their services.

    Game Frédérique


  • My experiences with iFlair have been good so far. We now have several projects running parrallel, and so far this works great. We have our own dedicated teams for each project. My contact person has been extremely pleasant, and solution-oriented, and the work that has been received so far has been of good quality. I look forward to further cooperation.

    Daniel Fuglestad


  • We have several projects and are currently quite happy

    Hallgeir Gustavsen


  • I am really satisfied about the communication of Iflair. We’re working with them from two different places: Belgium and Canada … and they manage to give us the right amount of time to communicate, incredible.Our project is going well, they understand everything very quickly even when we’re lacking information about our own project to make it happen… Iflair has the solution! A nice and smooth collaboration ;)

    Julien Bonte


  • Iflair provides fast response and works very efficiently. They are easy to communicate with and deliver products based on demand. I would recommend IFlair to others.

    Annie Axelsson


  • Want to give my appreciation to those engineers @iFlair Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd. who are helping me to move up to the next level of my life. They help me prepare a mobile service platform that I will be using to help the small size food serving businesses, perhaps small size restaurants to be effectively grow and relieve their workload (I saw lots of people jumping into this the past few months, meaning competition will be super intensive. But I believe the @iFlair team will develop the tools that help me thrive and survive this intensive competition). Long story short, they are a group of dedicated and reliable engineers who help you through the development process details by details, pieces by pieces. So if you need someone to make you a mobile app or website, I highly recommend them. #iflair #mobileappdevelopmentservices #website Great Service! Attentive! Straight to the point. Bravo!!!

    Timothy Chiu


  • Great services, cool team, reactive and talented. Thank you for the help! Always available for emergencies

    Terence Awtist


  • i've Been collaborating for years now with iflair. Committed and experienced team. Love that !

    Philippe Masson


  • We have been working with iFlair on the restructuration of two websites. The team is very kind and hardworking. They have been listening carefully and done the websites exactly as described. They are very fast and careful about your needs. I recomment working with iFlair if you know exactly what you want to do.

    Sara Beheyt


  • IFLAIR is a dedicated team, friendly and helpful. Always with good solutions and ideas..

    Gianfranco Curcio

    Owner, Switzerland

  • Seriös, unkompliziert und sehr zuverlässig. Zudem günstig.

    Marc Tschudi

    Fahnentschudi, Switzerland

  • AC

    From leadership to innovation to creative problem solving, I have been so pleased working with the iFlair team. Im looking forward to our next project together. Keep up the good work!

    Anthony Cort


  • VP

    Serious and reliable company. We chose them for the development of our Magento 2 platform. They were quick and professional in solving every problem. Very recommended. Special thanks to Kinjal, our contact.

    Valentina Prebenda


  • PIR

    We have been working with Iflair for the last 3 months. So far they have migrated a Magento 1 theme to a new Magento 2 theme. They're performing at this moment a whole Magento 1 migration project to Magento 2.
    These are the main points I'd like to mention:
    - Communication is great in all aspects. They're always available, they provide detailed reports about the time spent. The provide a very professional way of developing projects and how to communicate. - Technically speaking, they're efficient. Work was done correctly and the final result was what we expected. However, I have to say that the code quality could be improved (that's whay I'm providing 4 stars at the moment). So they're are good, but there is still some room to improve in code quality. I've already explained this to them and they were completely opened to that (they want to improve all the time, I like that).
    Once we finish this second project I'll provide a more detailed review and maybe change the review to 5 stars if code quality is as expected.

    Pau Iranzo Román


  • JCG

    A great Web Design Company with a swift flair for advanced technology. They implemented eye-catching, state-of-art and sleek look to my website.
    Overalls, iFlair has a team of clued-up and highly experienced Web Designers, who always take on the challenge to raise the bar above your expectations.

    Jean-Claude Gnante


  • EG

    iFlair are amazing we have been so impressed with the service they offer and the site thet have developed, highly recommeneded!

    Emma Gdprtraningltd


  • BP

    Was a great pleasure to work with the team. Excellent communication and they exceeded our expectations

    Benjamin Pusch


  • NS

    iFlair did an amazing job on the website we worked together on. Patient, professional and highly knowledgable. Would definitely work with them again.

    Nathan da Silva


  • TG

    A very competent team, great feedback, always meet deadlines and the final work is excellent. Really highly recommended

    Tin Ginard


  • JL

    Very supportive.

    jayesh ladhwani


  • CH

    We are not the largest company that iFlair will deal with, but we have an ongoing need to develop insight and visualisations online. We have found them to be rapid, pro-active, communicative (makes a nice change) and value for money. However, I don't recommend you use them, in case they get so busy they won't be able to work with us.

    Colin Harper

    United Kingdom

  • NC

    I have worked with a lot of web developers including iFlair on multiple projects. They are among the most organized, responsive and attentive team of web professionals. I highly recommend them for your next web development project.

    Nino Ciappina

    New Jersey, United States

  • DA

    Iflair is very professional and the skils of developers are very good.

    Diogo Assis


  • FB

    Very professional company, with plenty of resources (frontend, backend developers, project managers, fluent in several programming languages). Recommended

    Fabrice Brichet


  • AM

    Working with iFlair has been a revelation! After working with other Indian companies and found all of them negligent and highly disappointing I am so glad to have found them. They are dedicated, focused, communicative and deliver in time. For me iFlair is a valuable gem that I was fortunately enough to find. Certainly worth a recommendation!

    Alex May


  • JS

    We came across iFlair when trying to find developers to make amends to one of our client's Moodle portal. Finding reviews for the company was difficult, so we were unsure of what to expect.

    James Sellers

    Ilkley UK

  • JM

    I had a great experience working with Iflair. Iflair is a very innovative, professional, and customer friendly. They did a wonderful job on my site and are always willing to help me with my website needs. The have a great team that is willing to enhance or start your business website for you. I highly recommend Iflair for your website needs.

    Julian Mattia

    United States

  • NP

    During the development of my website familystoriesblog.com, I worked with three different companies. Combined programming exceeded 450 hours. While competent, the first two in the United States were expensive and hard to schedule time for my various requests. iFlair solved two of my problems. The charges were in line with my budget and the programmers, using Word Press and Buddy Press, worked within my time constraints. Every new venture has a learning curve.

    Norman Paulk


  • JW

    My name is Joe and I live in KY, USA.. I came across iFlair and Jinal on the internet several months ago. I had started building my site with Word Press using a local firm here in the USA. I was being charged xxx dollars plus per hour, the work was never as I had asked for, and it seemed no one cared much about my business. After discovering iFlair I noticed that the fees were very fair so I decided to give it a try. I couldn't be more pleased. It was night and day. I was never ignored and never treated like I should be grateful for the help. I was treated like an important customer, always got responses very quickly, and the work is outstanding. If you have any doubts just look at my site. The folks at iFlair are the best, and if you don't give them a try your missing the boat.

    Joe W. Brown


  • IC


    Isaiah Coco-Bassey


  • JR

    Mi experiencia en general es positiva. Hay que tener en cuenta que la comunicación a veces es compleja pero al final las cosas salen. Seguiré contratándolos seguramente. Gracias chicos

    Juan Ricciardulli


  • FD

    Great working with them and Vishal is always ready and there for you.

    Frederic de Tina


  • BA

    professional and reliable work, great customer service, communication and delivery.

    Benjamin Abramov


  • SW

    We hired the iFlair team to develop a complex site design, to be developed entirely from scratch. All of the code was bespoke and there were a number of complex requirements, including complex SEO considerations, integrations, loading time criteria, different content to be displayed on different devices, and more. The design also changed a little throughout the project in response to their feedback. Today Hemang and his team at iFlair launched that new site! Multiple team members worked together on the project, communicating clearly and professionally at all times. The company offers great value for money, hard-working staff (that often work 6 days a week if needed) and brilliant results. I am looking forward to working with iFlair into the future, both to continue on this project and start other ones! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a complex new website. Thank you for all of your hard work, iFlair!

    Sam Wilson


  • JM

    Good work from the team we've worked with. When you got a question or you want to change a thing fast they will do this in no time. End result is good looking and it's working very well.

    Joey Maal


  • ES

    One of the most important aspects of any business is to work with the right team. After searching and dealing with different developers without success, I finally found iFlair and they added flavor and efficiency to my project. We are working together for more than 5 months and I will continue to work with them and start my other projects as well. iFlair team members are very professional and reliable. Their knowledge is incredible, they are also very positive and find a solution for any problem. Thank you to all the team for the support! I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to build a great website.

    Etibar Shikhzadayev


  • GL

    Great work and great people. Very professionnal and well structured. By far the best agency i work with. Thank for the great work.

    Gabriel Lapalme


  • AG

    iFlair is a highly recommended agency for any kind of web design requirement. A recently completed project was carried out to the fullest satisfaction. On the positive side, the detailed specifications were very well received and the price / performance ratio is absolutely great. Extensive web projects have already been commissioned and we will gladly rely on iFlair as a service provider in the future as well. Thank you so far! CHASSALLA® precious metals, Kassel

    APSC GmbH


  • FA

    Good work, good people, good atmosphere! Motivated!!

    Florian Aprilia