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Multi Platform Integration Service [MuleSoft]

iFlair has years of experience in creating and implementing integration with multiple platforms. Our professional team has immense expertise in integrating the API, for both existing and upcoming websites with Mulesoft. We deliver outstanding API integration solutions including interface design, development and integration of desired API to the world-wide clients from diverse industries.

MuleSoft is a seller that gives a combination stage to associate applications, information and APIs crosswise over on-premises and distributed computing situations. To give dexterity both on-premises and in the cloud, MuleSoft's Any point Platform incorporates or associates SaaS applications and existing legacy applications through application programming interfaces (APIs). Moreover, the stage incorporates administration situated designs (SOA).

Mule Integration benefits

Mule integrates ERP, CRM, and all other Enterprise Applications with easily. It helps in Unlocking the Back Office and empowering the Automatic, Unruffled and Unified Business Processes over all channels.

  • Lightweight: This service is comprised of numerous inter operating administrations, instead of a solitary center that contains each conceivable administration, Enterprise service can be as overwhelming or light as an association needs them to make, them the most proficient coordination arrangement accessible.
  • Little Footprint: From download size to memory and CPU utilization, Mule is lean and mean. It performs well on ware servers, virtual machines, and considerably engineer
  • Simple to Learn: Mule incorporates with the programmer for example, Eclipse, so there's no preparation required for training.
  • Versatile: Mule is utilized as a part of basic applications at numerous extensive organizations and has scaled up to 13k servers in an expansive circulated environment.
  • Simple to deal with: Mule's coordinated applications storehouse, execution diagnostics and tuning, SLA cautions, and combination with observing structures make overseeing Mule basic.
  • Profound Visibility: From tracking business occasions for main driver examination and administrative consistence, to researching messages streams for specialized troubleshooting, to getting framework measurements, Mule provides visibility to all your business, improvement and operational needs.

Integration Services provided by iFlair

  • Service Creation and hosting
  • Message routing
  • Data transformation
  • Connectivity services/adapters
  • Online SaaS applications such as

Why choose iFlair

Our Mule integration service helps you integrate data with outsider applications. We can also consume data from a wide range of third party sources. In addition to diverse domains such as shipping, payment, travel and social media, iFlair has a lot of experience working with demand side platforms that integrate popular network APIs including sales force, SaaS integration, migration etc.

  • We understand each platform and can help you make the most out of your voice on each.
  • Our team is skilled to help you make sure your enterprise solution contributes to your overall brand perception.
  • We can help you develop value based content that will engage your customers.
  • Our mainly attention on offering open-source portal, content management, enterprise service integration solutions, and services.
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